A Bit About Me

One thing you should know about me: 

I’m passionate about using our most difficult circumstances to create massive growth in our lives.


When we encounter a challenge in our lives, many of us run away screaming. 
Or we ask ourselves “Why me?” and wonder why the Universe is making us pay, not only through the nose but through all our orifices. 

That was me. And it took me a long time to learn this life-changing piece of information:

Challenges are there to help us grow.

Aaaaand.. the bigger the challenge, the bigger the emotions, the more massive the growth. EVERY TIME.


So instead of staying stuck in what I was experiencing, I slapped a saddle on it and rode that baby to a whole new life.
I used those challenges to heal old traumas at the root, let my energy flow, and completely overhaul my mindset.
Again and again.
I naturally transformed from Why me?
to What is this teaching me? 
How can I grow from it?
What magick is awaiting me on the other side?
Victim to creator.

The GREATEST transformation. 
It makes anything possible. 
And it’s there waiting for you, no matter what you’re facing, when you’re ready to slap your own saddle on it and use it to create pure magick.

My Healing Journey
The Birth of Quantum Alchemy

Just after my second baby made his arrival, my health mysteriously fell apart. 

I was suddenly plagued with crippling insomnia, overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks, and a huge host of unexplainable neurological symptoms.

Specialist after specialist poked and prodded me for over a year but no one was able to help me find the cause.


Refusing to let that be my experience for the rest of my life, I very reluctantly came out of my atheistic and allopathic box where I’d lived my whole life. 

I set out on my own to get to the root of my dis-ease.

Along the (very bumpy) road, I turned myself into a guinea pig and experimented with countless healing modalities. 

Each time I found a new modality or a different angle, I would get my hopes up…

Coming out of the box

HELLZ YESSSS! THIS IS IT! I’ve figured it out!

…Only to find myself flooded with disappointment many months later when it had little to no effect on my health.
I’m not a candidate for the placebo effect, that much was clear, and I was always left wondering why nothing worked for me.
But I kept at it. 
And stumbled into my spiritual awakening.

congratulations! you’ve just birthed a new healing modality!

As I awakened, my journey slowly brought me a handful of consistent, effective, efficient, and natural modalities that, as I tweaked and played with them, began to create profound shifts in me.
I didn’t know I was giving birth at the time but sure enough, those modalities evolved, inspired new tools, and..
Out popped the Quantum Alchemy Method™, a deep and powerful healing and reprogramming process that works on all planes of existence.
It had been the missing link to finally healing my body. And with that, it healed my whole being.
Birth of Baby

SHARING IS CARING.. And Healing for everyone!

Sharing is caring

Having promised the Universe that once I healed, I was going to share what I learned with the world, I kept my word.

I started to offer healings to people who had been on a similar journey to me – nothing they had tried had worked for them either.

And, time after time, it would help them heal things that nothing else had been able to shift in the past.

So fucking cool.

The Best pick-me-up

Quantum Alchemy continues to evolve as I do. 
As I go through massive shifts (i.e. the Universe drops me to my knees in one or more areas of my life), it builds its muscles as it brings me back to my feet and we both come out the other side stronger.

Not only does this serve me (good god, does it ever serve me) but it creates more and more potent shifts in my clients so they can continue to move onward and upward, too. No matter what.



Everything about you is designed to heal – your body, your spirit, your life – it’s all designed to come back to its center. 

And the challenges you’re experiencing is the Universe telling you where you’re misaligned and resisting flow – where you’re ready to evolve.

You just need an interpreter to receive the message.

A whole new meaning to Interior DESIGN

My gift, my passion is re-connecting you to YOU and awakening your inner healer. 
As you do this, you learn how to become a master creator and tap into your own innate gifts.

When you take control of your own experience, no matter what’s going on around you, you become the designer of your own Universe from the inside out.

A place where vibrant health, soul-aligned love, prosperity, passion and purpose are only the beginning.

Interior Design