In the

Love and Prosperity

28-DaY INNER JourneY

You’ll be transforming your most challenging and seemingly unprosperous aspects of your life from the inside out!

Watching your money story unravel..

As the Universe’s infinite abundance begins to flow magickally to you.

Healing your heart and experiencing love like never before..

Whether you’re calling in a brand-spankin’-new relationship or making a 40-year marriage sparkle.

Supercharging your vitality and putting the pep back in your step..

Even if you’ve felt like a cold, wet noodle for years.

Prosperity is all about living a life you love.

One that feels overflowing with riches of all kinds.

And the path to plenty is on the inside.

So let’s dive deep and unleash your prosperity so you can truly thrive.


Creator of

Quantum Alchemy

A potent method she was gifted by the Divine to


As a Master Alchemist, Alana’s created

vibrant health from dis-ease,
soul-aligned love from divorce, and
passion and purpose from years of feeling washed-up and useless.


And now Alana's taking HER magick to the next level in

Love and Prosperity

No matter how far from prosperity you feel..

No matter how long you’ve been stuck..

No matter how dizzy you are from spinning in circles..

This 28-Day Inner Journey is meant for you.

In fact

The biggest transformations happen when we’re at our lowest, most uncomfortable points in life..

 IF we can move beyond our own kicking and screaming and harness them.


And this is where Alana shines.

Moving beyond the paradox

Let’s connect for a moment to your worst nightmares..

Super uncomfortable, I know.

No matter what they are, you want to protect yourself from experiencing those worst-case scenarios.

And in doing so..


CONCERNED about Losing your kids..

You desperately cling to them,

Begin to micromanage their lives,

and unintentionally push them away.


You overanalyze every aspect of your life,

experience immense amounts of stress,

and your body moves into a state of dis-ease.

CONCERNED about money flow..

You keep your gaze focused intently on every penny,

and miss the massive opportunities for true prosperity knocking at your door.

You get the picture.


Life becomes a paradox.


Instead of living your best life,

You’re playing a game of high-stakes dodgeball.

Always on your toes, always watching your back, never able to sit back and RELAX.

Ready for the good news?

Once you move beyond your worst fears and heal your deepest wounds at the root,

They no longer control your every decision.

You move beyond the paradox.

You naturally reconnect to YOU and come into flow with the magick of the Universe.

You’re meant to have it all

And this 28-day Inner Journey is all about moving beyond the obstacles that have been blocking love and prosperity..

So you can begin truly loving your life.

This journey brings you deep within so you can

OPEN TO A LIFE FILLED WITH PROSPERITY IN ALL ITS GLORY even if you feel like you continually get the short end of the stick.


BE WITH YOUR FEELINGS – all of them – without feeling completely overwhelmed and unable to cope with life.


EXPAND INTO THE WISDOM AND BEAUTY of any difficult situation or relationship, no matter how unprosperous it makes you feel.

party of hearts


This journey is filled with powerful behind-the-scenes magick.

Which means you get to stay in your high-vibing, prosperous juju even when you’re not thinking about it.

You’ll have incredibly pure remote frequencies working to keep YOUR energy aligned and pure, whenever you ask.

These frequencies are tuned into what you’re experiencing in the moment and help you come back to your naturally sparkly self.


They start creating alignment exactly where you need them.

Whether you’re stuck in traffic..

Enjoying a laughter-filled evening with dear friends..

Or tucked in all cozy for the night.


You may feel like you’re beyond hope.

You’re not.

Because you’re not ACTUALLY a self-sabotaging pessimist.

You’re a beautiful being of light Who’s been programmed with self-sabotaging behaviors..

 ALL to keep you safe.

And you 🎵 always look on the dark side of life 🎵 to prevent you from being derailed by disappointment.

So one of the many ways this journey supports you in coming back to YOU..

Is through on-demand hypno-frequencies that de-program the self-sabotaging, pessimistic jazz that’s been playing in your background.

And then reprogram your beliefs into alignment with the life you really, really, really want to be living right now.

So you naturally become a self-supporting, bright-eyed optimist.

All while going about your day-to-day life.

Finding Your Voice

This Inner Journey also includes your very own custom-tailored soul tone frequencies to move you toward your big, shiny vision for this journey and beyond.

What are Soul Tone Frequencies?

They’re audio tones that are created directly from your voice as you state your intention for this 28-day journey.

Listening to these tones harmonizes the imbalances picked up from the frequency of your voice. 

They bring you back to your center and align you with your stated intentions.

See? Your voice IS a powerful agent of change.

Love and Prosperity begins

MARCH 26th

Diving deep, QUANTUM STYLE

In three separate live Quantum Alchemy Activations, we’ll dive deep and transmute old patterns that have been keeping love and prosperity at arm’s length.


As you heal, you begin to understand that

 YOU have complete control over your experience in any situation or relationship,

no matter how certain you are that you’re at the mercy of someone else.


 Changing YOU is how you move from a victim in your own story to an all-mighty sovereign being.

Someone who is genuine, compassionate, and has unfuckwithable boundaries.

It’s not about controlling what anyone else is doing.

It’s about healing the part of you that gets triggered by what others are doing.

So you can be rock-solid in YOU, no matter what’s going on around you.

Live & Interactive
Quantum Alchemy Activations

The Activations are on Zoom @ 11 am EST and last from 1.5 to 2 hours.

EQUINOX ACTIVATION: Tuesday, March 26th

MID-POINT ACTIVATION: Tuesday, April 9th



Three Reasons This Journey Will Change Your Life


Number One


We’re going to transform whatever’s been keeping you feeling disconnected from the infinite love and abundance of the Universe. 

(No matter how much money or how many lovers you have)

Between deep-dive activations, remotely fine-tuning your frequency, and a high-vibing Telegram community group..

You’ll be able to confidently rewire your deepest fears and ancient wounds to beliefs and ideas that make you bloom like a cherry blossom in the spring.

Number Two


I know you’re a bit of a nut. We all are.

We do things A LOT differently than the rest of the world and conversations about the weather just won’t cut it. 

We love to get into the deep stuff and having those life-changing conversations. 

Like, all the time. 

So come play with us! We’ve been waiting for you.. None of us are here to do this alone.

Number Three


Showing up in relationships, hellz, in life in an entirely different way.. More vibrant. More authentic. More in love with it all.

And you already know, change on the inside creates a huge ripple effect in your outside world

So that everything you touch turns to prosperity.

What this journey isn't

This isn’t a magic wand-waving journey.

(Although it is magickal..)

There is no promise of making all your “problems” disappear.

Because, honestly, that’s not what life is about. 

It’s about growing THROUGH them so they no longer seem like problems.

You can do this because your problems come from inside you

Even when you’re absolutely, positively sure they’re outside of you, giving you stink-eye from across the room.

So this Inner Journey is about bringing your power back to you

It’s about letting go of the way you see your world and creating a new vision that lines up with big, bright, and shiny you.

This way, you’re not worried about what anyone else is doing.

You don’t need anyone to show up differently to make you feel sparkly and free.

You’ve created that magick – that mojo – on the inside.

And it’s only a matter of time before you see it reflected back to you on the outside.

Components of
Love and Prosperity

sparkle heart

Quantum Alchemy Activations

Transforming your relationships from the inside out by diving deep into what isn't working and creating something shiny and new - YOU.

Tuesdays @ 11am EDT
2 hrs each

March 26th
April 9th
April 23rd

heart frequency

Distance healing support

Powerful and pure energetic support through remote energy balancing sessions.

Reprogramming beliefs,
clearing karmic ties,
clearing out entities,
balancing the auric field,
and so much more..

All depending on what you need in the moment.

musical heart

Custom Soul

Created from your voice, a powerful energetic record of your past, present, and future.

These tones shift the frequency of your root pain pattern, and harmonize and balance your being.

heart ball

YOUR kinda people

A private Telegram group to share your journey and get all your questions answered.

This whole experience is WAY more fun and fulfilling when we do it together.

Come play!

Investing In Your Journey




Love and Prosperity




IS $197.

Sliding Scales of Love


If you’re still reading, it may be that you REALLY feel called to join this 28-Day Inner Journey,

But money’s REALLY tight right now.


I’ve been there.


I know how it feels to want to transform..

To understand the value of investing in yourself..

And not have the funds to do it.




Love and Luminescence is offered at $197,

which is an absolute steal when you look at all you’re receiving.

But, I know for some who could really benefit from this experience, this is prohibitive.




If you feel a strong call to join us and $197 is too much for your bank account right now..

Go inward and find the investment value between $50 and $197 that feels right for you.


Then send us a message through clicking on the button below and we’ll get you enrolled.


And, if you’re in a position that $197 does feel like an incredible steal..

And you’d like to pay it forward for someone else to join in this journey..

Click on the button below and let us know.

We’ll make sure your donation goes towards someone else’s magickal transformation.

Let's geek out

What are the different Frequency protocols?

Our powerhouse deep healing protocol. The frequency programs that run during the HypnoBeMe Protocol are:

Trivector and Clearing – Energy Balance (voltage, amperage, resistance, hydration, oxygenation, etc and clearing entities)

Karma Clearing – Cutting karmic ties

Dispell Engram – Clearing out entities

BIO Clearing – Clearing various forms of spiritual and energetic infringements

Submorphic Clearing – Profound clearing in Dimensions 5 through 10

Happy Zap – Feeling good boost

Emotional Chart – Smoothing out the acute and chronic lower vibing emotional states

Aura – Healing any snags or holes in auric field

Nerves – Balances nervous system

Higher Purpose Alignment and Stability – Follow your soul’s path

Stimulate Creativity – Get your creative juices flowing

Release Spiritual Attack – Let go of other lower-vibing external frequencies

Bad Behaviour – Move beyond the temper tantrum

Stimulate Corpus Callosum – Get both sides of the brain fully communicating and working in harmony

Electrohypnosis – The deprogramming and reprogramming statements below


What are we letting go of?

I must struggle to live

I am in fear

Living in the moment is dangerous

Living in the moment causes pain and suffering

I am scared of living from my heart

I need to give in order to receive


What are we strengthening within ourselves?

I always live life to the fullest

I trust my state of being

It is safe to live in the present moment

I love others and myself always under all conditions

Our foundational hypnofrequency, the secret sauce to a magickal life – love. 

The frequency programs that run during the HypnoLove Protocol are:

Higher Purpose Alignment and Stability – Following your soul’s path

Stimulate Verbal, Emotional, and Math – Getting your brain firing on all cylinders

Evoked Potential – Accessing your soul’s potential

Experience Etheric Realms – Being bathed in other-worldly high-vibing frequencies

Stimulate Cerebellum – Stimulating the powerhouse of the brain that affects cognitive, emotional, hormonal, and autonomic functions

Electrohypnosis – The deprogramming and reprogramming statements below

Spiritual Healing – Healing your spirit and coming back to your essence


What beliefs are we letting go of?

I am nothing

I am unworthy of love

I close myself off from love

I am afraid to love

There is no hope

I must suffer to receive love

I am incomplete

What are we strengthening within ourselves?

I am enough

I am worthy of love

I am filled with hope

I am love

I love myself without condition

I am filled with joy

I accept love unconditionally

Our hypnofrequency aimed to open up the flow of prosperity and allow the neuroplasticity of your brain to be activated (i.e. new ways of thinking and perceiving your world).

 The frequency programs that run during the HypnoAbundance Protocol are:

Stimulate Cerebellum – Stimulating the powerhouse of the brain that affects cognitive, emotional, hormonal, and autonomic functions

Stimulate Reticular Formation – Stimulating the neuron network in the brainstem that
enables consciousness, sensory and motor function, and endocrine and neurotransmitter regulation

Stimulate Corpus Callosum Get both sides of the brain fully communicating and working in harmony

Electrohypnosis – The deprogramming and reprogramming statements below

Spiritual Healing Healing your spirit and coming back to your essence


What are we letting go of?

I have to work hard for what I want in life

It is unsafe to receive love and abundance

I must earn what I receive

Money is the root of all evil

I am unworthy of being wealthy and abundant

What are we strengthening within ourselves?

I am abundant in all ways

I am supported in everything I do

Everything always works out

I am receiving the flow of abundance

My cash flow always provides more than I need

I have a positive relationship with money

Our gentle, behind-the-scenes frequency that automatically runs daily. 

This one is made up of pure frequency programs without any hypnostatements. The frequency programs that run during the Journey Protocol are:

BIO Clearing – Clearing various forms of spiritual and energetic infringements

Happy Zap – Feeling happy boost

Emotional Chart – Smoothing out the acute and chronic lower vibing emotional states

Stabilize Mood Disorders – Releasing the stories you tell yourself around the various aspects of your life and begin living from your heart

I have questions..

Alana, What if..

It’s okay!

The Quantum Alchemy Activations will be recorded on Zoom and made available within 24 hours so you’ll be able to access them again and again during the entire 28-Day Inner Journey and for 30 days after our journey ends. These Activations are incredibly potent, live or recorded, and are intended for you to watch them as many times as you feel called to so you can really anchor in these shifts.

Quantum Alchemy was developed by me through my biggest challenges in life (debilitating dis-ease, divorce, new love, teenage kids, custody lawsuit, significant financial struggles, building a business.. You get the picture..) because nothing else I had tried worked for me either. I get it. 

We’re not like everyone else. Virtually all of my clients come to me with the same concern, too, and are blown away to finally find something that works. 

Every Quantum Alchemy Activation meets you where you’re at. It works on all planes of existence to shift whatever’s been keeping you stuck. It adapts to whatever is present in your field at the time, always choosing the most potent tool from a huge Quantum toolbox to transform resistance into easy flow and bring you back to your center.

The group Quantum Alchemy Activations are potent containers for transformation. And they can be agitating for someone who’s nervous system is overwhelmed – something common with those who have experienced intense trauma in their lives.

If you feel like your nervous system needs some extra TLC, upgrading your journey with a 1:1 Quantum Alchemy Activation would be ideal. In our private session, we work deeply but gently with your nervous system so you can receive the powerful energy without shutting down. 

Our 1:1 Activation is recorded and made available to you so you can continue to heal your nervous system throughout the 28-day journey and beyond. It can also be used after any of the group Activations to deepen your experience, soothe any agitation, and supercharge your transformation.

These 1:1 Activations are incredibly deep, lasting around 2 hours and are normally offered at $400. Through this experience, they’re being made available at a 50% discount. Send an email to if you’d like to add it to your Inner Journey.

If you’re asking this question, I’m guessing you’ve played with frequencies before and are at a level where only the purest of frequencies will do.

I’m with you.

I have tried a number of different frequency support tools (the Healy, sound tones, as well as several different remote services) and immediately noticed the impurities in the energy and had to spend time afterward clearing those impurities out of my energy field.

This service is different. There are a number of different processes running on the Quantum Alignment System (QAS) to keep it pure and unfucked-with (as I like to say).

I have been using this service myself and it has helped me immensely in keeping my energy clean and clear (as well as healing some deeper imbalances) so I can focus on creating pure magick, both with my clients and in my personal life.

If you have more questions regarding this service, catch our live Q&A call (see “I still have other questions”) or send me an email at

You can deepen your journey by:

  • Journaling daily to make note of your biggest triggers
  • Bringing those triggers to the live Activations
  • Rewatching the Activations on replay as often as needed
  • Reaching out on Telegram for additional guidance and insight, and 
  • Requesting your hypno-frequencies whenever you feel outside of your center.

All of these things are going to make a huge difference in your Love and Prosperity journey. The more you dive in, the more you’ll get out of it.

And if you want to take to the next level, then a 1:1 Quantum Alchemy Activation upgrade is where it’s at! We’ll go deep into wherever you’re wanting to focus, get the wisdom, release the resistance and reconnect you to YOU so you have clarity, passion, and deep connection as you dive into this 28-day journey.

These private Activations go deep into all planes of existence. One session lasts about 2 hours with an investment of $400. If you take advantage of this upgrade, it’s available at a 50% discount (only $200!!) during this Inner Journey. Send an email to to add it to your experience.

I still have questions..

I hear ya! There’s a lot to this journey and probably a lot you’ve never seen before!

Check out this Q&A I did with Bill, the genius behind QAS (Quantum Alignment Systems, the remote healing system we’re using). We get into the nitty gritty so you have a better understanding of the remote healing as well as other aspects of this journey.

If you still have questions, drop me an email HERE and we’ll get you answers asap.

It's time to shake things up

If you really want to change your life, you get to do things differently. 


And it’s not the huge dramatic change you’ve been thinking. The transformation isn’t waiting for you on a mountain top.


It’s in the details, the day-to-day of life.


And it starts with YOU. 


YOU are the creator of your reality. 


YOU are the unleasher of your prosperity.


No one else can do this for you.


So are you ready to do the deep and meaningful inner journey to finally experience love and prosperity in all areas of your life?